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Kavita Chandak

Author, international trainer, speaker and promoter of homeopathy

Dr. Kavita is a passionate young homeopath honored by two Golden Book Of World Records for treating kidney disorders and success in a case of mucormycosis. She is an author, international trainer, speaker and promoter of homeopathy, practicing since 1999. She specializes in autism, psychiatric and behavioral disorders, kidney diseases and cancer. She is an advisory board member for the Turkiye Klinikleri Journal in Istanbul and scientific committee member at Duzce university, Turkey and LMHI 2022. She is invited as speaker at many national-international seminars and conferences. Recently she spoke in New Zealand conference 2022, Russian international conference 2023 and will be presenting in Latvia conference2023, Romania conference 2023,Greece conference 2023, Joint American Homeopathic Conference 2023 and she is invited as keynote speaker in 76th LMHI Colombia.

She authored eight books

  1. Health Vs Disease
  2. Homeopathic Guide for easy and busy practice
  3. Healing Woman with Homeopathy
  4. Homeopathy is fun; dedicate and learn!
  5. Homeopathy is Logic and Magic!
  6. OCD, hypochondriasis and depression- Homeopathy has the answer!
  7. Psychiatric diseases- causes and cases
  8. Uncover the mystery of schizophrenia with different homeopathic approaches.

She wrote 294 articles in different languages.

Online courses

How to Master Psychiatry with Homeopathy
Womanhood – A Power Pack of Homeopathic Solutions in all disorders including Cancer
Homeopathy and Autism – In and Out.


For her socio-medical contribution, she received various prestigious awards including the recent ‘Excellence in Homeopathy-2022” by

She has been interviewed by various international journals and channels like CleverH and Unitedtoheal channel, Germany.

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