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Dora Pachova, Dr

Medical doctor

Dr. Dora Pachova is a medical doctor with 30 years full time clinical practice in the field of homeopathy and integrative medicine. She has a Master degree of Homeopathic Therapy and a Master degree of Family therapy of families with disabled members.

Dr. Dora Pachova is  Education coordinator for European Committee for Homeopathy, NVP LMHI for Bulgaria, director of Center for Health and Education “Edicta” – an accredited and chairperson of the Association of Homoeopathic Physicians in Bulgaria.

She teaches homeopathy since 29 years in Bulgaria and in Medipol University in Turkey (2012-present). She is a lecturer at national and international seminars, conferences and webinars.

Dr. Dora Pachova is one of the authors of the monograph “Homeopathic Treatment in Bulgaria”, published by National Center for Public Health and Analysis, Ministry of Health.

Since 2012 Dr. Pachova participates as a homeopathic physician in a Research project of Sofia University; Physiology Department  – “Measuring effect of homeopathic remedies with Hearth Rate Variability tests”. One of her fields of interest is “Homeopathy and family dynamics” – about which she has presented at different congresses and published articles in Bulgaria and the journals “Homeopathic Heritage International” and “National Journal of Homeopathy” in India

Dr. Pachova is founder of the project for prenatal care “The Charm of life “- providing lectures and issuing books and CD’s with music for pregnant women.

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