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Claudia Garn, Dr.

Secretary of Education LMHI

Dr. Claudia Garn graduated at Vienna Medical University and completed her formation for General Practitioner at several hospitals in Vienna.

She started her homeopathic training already as a Medical student, there were lectures at the Medical University of Vienna at that time held by Dr. Peter König and Seminars organized by the “Student’s Initiative for Homeopathy”, who invited teachers like Dr. Dario Spinedi, Dr. Carlos Campora, Paul Herscu, Dr. Alok Pareek and many experienced Homeopaths to study Classical Homeopathy. Her homeopathic formation was completed as MD within the Austrian OEGHM and AEKH and her diploma as a Classical Homeopath she made in the AEKH of Austria.

Soon, already as a student, she started to work within the “SIH”, she was also the president, organizing many seminars and held the political contacts to MD Homeopaths. Hearing many different Homeopathic teachers was a great opportunity to learn. She worked within the board of the SIH for more than ten years, evaluating who teaches Homeopathy in high quality and easy to understand for the students.

From 2006 on she was sent as a delegate of Education of Austria to the Education Subcommitee of the ECH, working within it since then, therefore she became and is still member of both Medical Homeopathic Organizations of Austria, AEKH and OEGHM. She had been the NVP of Austria for LMHI from 2013 to 2016. Connecting people, solving problems together, supporting Homeopathy had always been her aim.

Today she works as a Homeopathic MD in her office in Vienna and as a GP in an outpatient urgency. She is member of the board of the AEKH (Austrian Association for Classical Homeopathy) and responsible as member of the team for further homeopathic education.

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